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Featherweight “Machine Embroidery” Book

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Machine Embroidery book by Dorothy Benson Published by Singer Sewing Machine Company, Ltd., Educational and Embroidery Department, London, England.

A book written “for the benefit of those taking up the work for the first time.” quote from page 3

A delightful, informative and easy to use book with excellent pictures throughout. Opens a world of possibilities using your own designs and machine needleworking skills. A must have for all of those with machine embroidery on their horizons!

This book is divided into three parts; 18 lessons and 79 pages.

Part 1: “Decorative Stitching using the Sewing Machine, with the Presser-Foot” includes eight lessons beginning with “Borders in Plain Stitching” and ending with “Quilting”.

Part 2: “How to Embroider on the Sewing Machine” includes ten lessons beginning with “Simple Designs in Darning Stitch and ending with “Free Quilting”.

Part 3: “Satin Stitch and Lace Work” includes six lessons beginning with “Satin Stitch” and ending with “Fancy Stitch Fillings”.

Attachments listed as necessary are a feed cover plate (121309 or 108002), spring darning or embroidery foot and a thin pair of embroidery hoops.

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