class221– Featherweight Machines& Accessories

Dealers’ Scale

The Featherweight Dealers’ Scale is composed of 3 components: *Intrinsic Value, *Machine Condition, and *Case/Manual/Accessory Condition.

Intrinsic Value (20 points max): Note higher point values for pre-WWII models for their scroll face plates, nickel balance wheels, chrome trim, and antiquity.

  • First 3 % (Before Sept. 23, 1935): 20 points (see dating table)

  • Pre-WWII: (Dec. 30, 1935- July 1, 1941): 19 points (see dating table)
  • Post-WWII with original scroll face plates (July 17, 1945 thru June 26,1947):: 18 points
  • Post-WWII with striated face plates (After Aug. 19,1947). 17 points. (see dating table)
  • Exceptions Noted Below:
  • Crinkle Machines: 20 points
  • Blackside Machines: 20 points
  • Chicago World Fair Badge: 20 points
  • Texas Centennial Badge: 20 points
  • Golden Gate Expo Badge: 20 points
  • Freearm Model 222K with Red S Badge: 20 points
  • Limited Production Runs All Models: 20 points (see dating table)
  • Freearm Model 222K without Red S Badge 19 points
  • Red S Badge 221K: 19 points
  • Centennial Badge 221 221-1: 19 points
  • Last Production Run of 221: 19 points (see dating table)
  • Transitional Production Runs, phased out features, add 1 point. —(For instance, add 1 point for 221K EH 89XXXX with fancy gold leaf decals, because plainer style decals were introduced during this production run.)—see machine dating table for a full list of transitional production runs.

Machine Condition (20 points max): Note this is the classic ”condition chart” modified to replace +/- symbols with points for intermediate situations.

  • Just like the day it left the factory. Not a scratch or mark on it : 20 points
  • As above, with the odd scratch or wear mark evident to close inspection: 18 points
  • Very good used condition. All paint good; all metalwork bright.: 16 points
  • Good condition but rubbing of paint evident and some nickel plating worn: 14 points
  • As above, but more wear to the paint and some surface rust to the bright work: 12 points
  • The average hard used, ill cared for machine.: 10 points
  • Poor condition, chipped enamel, rusty metalwork.: 8 points
  • In need of restoration, but a reasonable job for a dedicated enthusiast: 6 points
  • Total restoration needed to paintwork and bright metal: 4 points
  • Spare parts only, and these would be in need of severe restoration.: 2 points

Case/Manual/Accessory Condition (10 points max):

  • original accessories in excellent/good/fair condition: 3/2/1 points
  • original manual in excellent/good/fair condition: 3/2/1 points
  • original case in excellent/good/fair condition: 4/3/2 points

(Click here for Machine Dating Table & Production Run Notes)

The Featherweight Dealers’ Scale is for personal use only and may not be mechanically or electronically copied or distributed.

Please Note: The Featherweight Dealers’ Scale incorporates the widely used condition chart for evaluating the condition of individual machines. The Dealers’ Scale is a tool for establishing the value of individual black Singer Featherweights, of which condition is one component. In addition to considering case, manual and accessory condition, the Dealers’ Scale considers such things as rarity and inherent cosmetic value of the nickel balance wheels, chrome trim and ornate face plates of the early Featherweights. Because all Featherweights from 1933 to 1947 were produced in the U.S.A., this scale is sometimes dubbed the “American Scale.”

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