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Centennial Era

Singer’s introduction, in 1951, of the Centennial Featherweight was one of the finest examples of pure marketing genius of all time. The Centennial Featherweight, yet today, is among the most highly prized sewing machines ever manufactured.

The Singer Manufacturing Company was not only one of the first manufacturing companies to survive 100 years, but also Singer executives were among the first to capitalize on that fact. Singer selected the Featherweight, its vanguard little workhorse, to display the slogan on a blue and gold medallion badge: “A Century of Sewing Service”. Singer’s Elizabethport plant in Elizabeth, New Jersey, could scarcely keep up with demand for the machines.

Singer’s success with marketing the centennial concept so inspired other companies and communities to follow suit that centennial celebrations had become somewhat passé within a couple of decades. But, at the time, the Centennial Featherweight was a true stroke of genius.