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White Beauty

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White Singer Featherweight with Case, Manual & Original White Attachments-All Vintage FA 20

This machine is complete with original Singer White Featherweight manual and the original Singer White Featherweight attachment box–both in excellent condition, as well as the original Singer White Featherweight green and white case with a very sturdy latch. Original 110 volt motor in excellent condition. This machine is electrically and mechanically superb. Notice small blemishes on extension bed. These show up well in the photos. In addition to the items listed below is a rare copy of the original Singer Sewing Machine Company Guarantee.

Also included:

1. Original hinged presser foot (fitted)

2. Original spool pin spring (fitted)

3. Original bobbing case (fitted)

4. Original seam guide with attachment screw

5. Original binder

6. Original Singer White Featherweight large screwdriver

7. Original Singer White Featherweight small screwdriver

8. Original Singer White Featherweight oiler

9. Original bobbins (4)

10. Vintage packet of Singer needles

Place of Manufacture: Singer’s Kilbowie facility, Clydebank, Scotland

The White 221 Featherweight took Singer engineers 18 months to design. This little white marvel preserves many components of the black featherweight–the fold up extension bed, the lightweight portability, the straight stitch and horizontal hook shaft, the tension adjustment mechanism, tension regulator adjustment, and belt driven upper shaft. Remarkably, this machine is even lighter than the black featherweight, due principally to replacement of the gear driven main lower shaft with drive belts.

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