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Featherweight 221 Victorian Classic

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Singer 221 Featherweight AF 879791

Model: Class 221

Badge Issue Date: 04/01/1941 (see dating table)

Rating: 46/50 (American Scale)

Equipped with original 110-volt U.S. motor.


Just three months after rolling out this machine, The Singer Manufacturing Company and many other American manufacturers would retool their factories for wartime needs. Singer would not issue another Featherweight badge for four full years, until after WWII. Many of the endearing features of this machine would be left behind when Featherweight manufacturing began again in 1945. This particular machine is distinguished by the variegated-olive colored foot pedal and needlle-tension housing. Singer experimented with a few fanciful designs in early 1941, but this is the only machine we have seen with this variation. Additionally, this unit came with a blackside ruffler and 3 blackside bobbins.

The brilliant luster of the finish is magnificent.Scroll face plate, chrome trim, unblemished decals, original case, blackside attachments and motor are all sensational. This pristine AF appears to have been used for delicate work by her original owner. There is light scarring of the finish on a couple of places on the extension bed and base, the usual scratches for a machine of this vintage, and finish stains along the front base. Therefore, we deduct 3 points from the 20 maximum points for cosmetic value.

Singer Featherweights of this era had several notable features. The AF 87 has the scroll face plate, a numbered tension knob, a full length case tray, and chrome balance wheel and trim. Within 3 months many of the features that set this machine apart would disappear forever from the Featherweight. Every detail of this machine is original.

This particular case deserves some special mention. AF case handles are notorious for showing wear. Although AF handles are of a sturdy mechanical design, they tend to fray at the edges, thus they are often wrapped with black electrical tape. This handle shows some wear, but otherwise the case, while admittedly not in “as new” condition, is in good condition.

By the way, this machine was made to be used and it is in perfect running order.

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1.) Original owner’s manual

2.) Hinged Presser Foot (fitted to machine)

3.) Ruffler

4.) Hemming Foot

5.) Edge Stitcher

6.) Binder

7.) Gatherer

8.) Adjustable Hemmer

9.) Singer Screwdriver

10.) Singer Accessory Box

11.) Three Singer Bobbins

13.) Full Length Singer Case Accessory Tray

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