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The Singer Featherweight 221 That Purrs

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Singer 221 Featherweight AH 974626

Badge Issue Date: 12-9-1948 (see dating table)

Rating: 45/50 (American Scale)

Equipped with original 110-volt U.S. motor.

Occasionally we come across a particular machine that has real pizzazz.This is one such machine. For starters, the case was among the last Singer Featherweights with a study, leather handle. Going through the refurbishing process, we happened to notice something particularly unusual. This machine actually purrs.It operates to such a light touch you can purr back at it rather than push on the foot pedal, or so it seems.

Effortlessly it sews a perfect stitch. Chrome is in excellent condition.The original decorative, gold-leaf trim is intact. The finish has retained the brilliant black with which it left the factory. The light scratches on the sewing surface did not show up on the photographs, but indicate regular use by the original owner. All Featherweights are a delight to sew with, and for the most part, only minor differences separate one from another in sewing quality, but this machine truly sets itself apart.

This machine comes with it’s original set of attachments, original owner’s manual and the original leather-handled case. This was one of the last Featherweights Singer produced with the handy case lift out tray, which is included.

If you love the feel of a machine that has been working for generations and will keep working for you and your family, this is the machine for you. This machine gives you the beautiful straight stitches you can only get from a sewing machine of another era.

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