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Singer Featherweight 221 Premiere

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Red S Featherweight 221K ES 652235

Model:Class 221K

Distinctive Feature: Rare Big Red S

Badge Issue Date: 05/15/61 (see dating table) (Singer made no more 221 Featherweights after 1961.)

Rating: 48/50 (American Scale) 9/10 (Condition Chart)

Equipped with original 110-volt Canadian motor.

The exceptionally smooth and light sewing touch of this particular machine are uncommon even for a Featherweight.

These qualities set this machine apart:

1.) The condition of the machine is superb. Gold decals are 98% complete. Paint is exceptionally bright.Chrome is flawless.Needle plate and feed dogs show almost no sign of wear.A few pin scratches and a slight ding where extension bed folds into front plate on the extension bed (see pictures). The machine operates exceptionally smoothly. Passing through our workshops, it became obvious that the previous owner treated this machine with the utmost care.This machine represents the finest example of Singer craftsmanship at the height of Singer domination of the sewing machine industry.

2.) The Big Red S badge was placed on only a limited few Singer Featherweight Class 221K models.

3.) Fewer still Red S badged Featherweights were produced for the U. S. market.This machine, with an original 110-volt motor which was produced in St. John’s, Canada, is a rarity.

4.) Singer placed the riveted 221K just below the badge on about 25% of all the 221K’s.

5.) Finally, every detail of this Featherweight is a Singer original (machine, case, manual and accessories) .

The case is solid inside and out.Latches and lining in great shape.

Premiere Package includes:

1.) Original owner’s manual

2.) Hinged Presser Foot (fitted)

3.) Ruffler

4.) Hemming Foot

5.) Edge Stitcher

6.) Binder

7.) Gatherer

8.) Adjustable Hemmer

9.) Singer Screwdriver

10.) Singer Accessory Box

11.)Three Singer Bobbins

12.) Singer Case Accessory Tray

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