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Freearm Singer 222K Featherweight, The Quilter’s Standard

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Singer 222K Featherweight Freearm

Place of Manufacture: Singer’s Kilbowie Facility, Clydebank, Scotland

Badge Issue Date: 9/17/1956 (see machine dating table)

Rating: 48/50 (American Scale)

Singer introduced the Freearm 222K in July, 1953. This model set a new standard that may never be matched again. This particular machine is equipped with the original case, manual and attachments. Hinges and latches are in excellent working order. Solid case, lining intact.

This little lovely was produced in the first production when Singer began to scale back production of the Featherweight. The elegant black-banded badge was introduced following the Singer centennial year in 1951 and persisted throughout the decade. This 1956 production run of Black-Banded badges contains at most 5000 units. The Singer 222K sat atop of a rapidly evolving sewing world in September of 1956. Five years later, cheap Asian imports would mark the end of the Featherweight.

Timing set, tension adjusted, and sew tested. It has been exceptionally well cared for. This machine runs very smoothly. Stitches are neat and tight.

Machine is equipped with a 110 volt motor. Foot pedal and power cord are in good working order. This late 222K is equipped with a red plastic side case tray. This machine has acquired small scratches just beyond the needle plate where fabric pulls across the bed, and a couple of small scratches on the extension bed. Nothing else keeps this machine from scoring 50 out of 50.

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Original Attachments include:

Soft Red Singer Attachment Case

Original Singer Featherweight 222K Manual,Tattered but Intact

Embroidery Attachment



Narrow Hemmer

Edge Stitcher

Adjustable Hemmer

Original Large Singer Screwdriver

Tension Screw Driver

Multi-Slotted Binder

3 Original Singer Bobbins

All attachments are rust free and in excellent cosmetic and working condition.

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